Maya Angelou School

Close shot of free throw section of a light gray themed basketball court


A 1960’s era common room with asbestos tiling has served as both cafeteria and gymnasium for the approximately 250 children attending the K-6 grade Maya Angelou Elementary School in Harvey, Illinois. Safety concerns related to the asbestos and degrading performance from years of use were forcing the school to explore floor updating and replacement. The significant cost and time required for conventional asbestos abatement procedures were not feasible for the small school’s tight budget and constant room use demands.

The situation called for an innovative solution that only experienced experts could provide. A collaboration between Diverzify and Gerflor delivered an ideal solution: a floating vinyl floor using Gerflor Attraction interlocking tiles. This inspired solution would resolve the asbestos safety concerns, provide superior floor performance and appearance, was within budget, and, with experienced installers, could be completed over a weekend.

Thrilled with the solution, the school authorized the project to take place over a weekend in August, 2019, between the summer school session and the start of the new school year. The Attraction tiles were installed and the Gerflor Game Line Paint system was applied to create required gymnasium floor markings.

Thanks to Diverzify and Gerflor Game, school administrators were able to create a safer and more enjoyable schoolroom experience that children will enjoy for many years to come.

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