Reshaping the customer service experience

DiverzifyPro aims to reshape the customer service experience through its innovative Digital Service Platform. This proprietary project management software digitizes planning, preparation and execution in one place. For clients with replicable projects across a multi-state presence, this ensures consistent, reliable deliveries unprecedented in the national commercial flooring industry.

Leveraging technology for greater transparency on every project

Our brand is distinguished by back-end software that stitches projects together across multiple locations. This guarantees a standardized process that never forces duplicate paperwork onto you and prevents you from having to iterate flooring logistics decisions repeatedly. Plus, we’re still committed to the essential building blocks needed to make every flooring project successful.
  • Quality craftsmanship through a trained and certified direct labor force
  • Single-source administration to reduce contractual inconsistencies
  • Direct resources that never overextend contractors
  • Stringent safety guidelines minimize unnecessary liabilities
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DiverzifyPro guarantees streamlined consistency by leveraging modern technologies to give you visibility across every aspect of your flooring project. Step into the future on your next flooring project.