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Industrial flooring that you can count on

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At Diverzify, we successfully execute over 35,000+ projects annually. With this, we have completed numerous intricate and heavy-duty industrial flooring projects for producers, distributors and various other clients across the nation. With our extensive expertise, abundant resources and valuable experience, we possess the capability to meticulously plan and flawlessly execute your industrial flooring project. 

Essential requirements for industrial flooring

Industrial flooring must meet a plethora of demands, including accommodating ultra-heavy point loads, withstanding forklift traffic, resisting chemical exposure and meeting strict uptime requirements, among others. Whether your facility is involved in heavy manufacturing, specialty food and beverage production, large-scale distribution or other industrial applications, the flooring plays a pivotal role in your operation. The right concrete flooring and finish can offer a host of essential attributes, such as: 


The ability to withstand extremely heavy applications 


Resistance to puncturing from heavy machinery 


Static control for critical applications 


Extreme chemical and pH resistance 


Antimicrobial qualities 


Easy cleaning and maintenance, providing strong lifecycle value

Testing and moisture mitigation

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With our moisture mitigation and surface preparation services, we conduct comprehensive testing on your slab to identify any potential moisture-related issues before installing your polished concrete or resinous flooring system. If the moisture levels in the slab exceed the manufacturers’ installation warranty, we take the necessary steps to address the problem by installing a suitable vapor barrier product. 

By incorporating these value-added services, we ensure that the job is done correctly from the outset, saving you upfront costs on labor and reducing long-term maintenance expenses by significantly extending the life of your floor—often by more than a decade. 

Why choose Diverzify?

Collaborating with Diverzify assures you a swiftly executed, top-tier project with comprehensive project management. Our expert flooring crews are extensively trained and certified to deliver specialized industrial flooring solutions, and they can undergo specific training tailored to the intricacies of your project. From project planning and life-cycle costing to material selection and procurement, logistics, quality control and beyond, we offer a wide array of value-added flooring installation services. For further insights into our services, explore more about our value-added flooring installation offerings.

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Quality flooring results in better outcomes. That’s why 50,000+ clients choose Diverzify. We’re the nation’s largest provider of critical commercial flooring solutions and serve customers from initial implementation to recurring maintenance. To make your next industrial project a success, contact us today.