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Ideally suited for public projects

The Joint Commission, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

With more than 500,000+ projects completed nationally, we have successfully executed a diverse array of government flooring projects, encompassing courthouses, libraries, government offices, city halls, symphonies and various other public institutions at the city, county, state and federal levels.

Why choose Diverzify?

We possess extensive familiarity with public contracting and work closely to adhere to the installation and material requirements outlined by GSA schedules and state authorities. Backed by the reliable and robust resources of a $1B global enterprise, we have strong partnerships with manufacturers nationwide, which enables us to swiftly source approved materials at the most favorable prices.


Environment-specific solutions

These are essential for meeting LEED standards, which are frequently required for many public projects.


Highly durable materials

Meet the challenging building tenure requirements often present in public projects.


Secure building solutions

We cater to the highest disability accessibility requirements and meet extreme Floor Flatness (FF) or Floor Levelness (FL) ratings.


Value engineering

This is often a crucial aspect of the design process for public projects.

Work with the nation’s leading public flooring experts

At Diverzify, we deliver all-encompassing flooring installation services that begin with thorough project planning. Our services extend to providing testing, life cycle cost analysis and estimation to help you make well-informed decisions when selecting the most cost-effective flooring materials.  

With a comprehensive logistics network at our disposal, we have the capability to stage flooring materials in our own facilities and utilize our own equipment for installation. This ensures an efficient process that frees up buildings and job sites for other uses. 

Upon completing the project, we conduct detailed project checklists to ensure the highest quality installation, meeting the stringent government quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your flooring installation meets the highest quality standards. 

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Quality flooring results in better outcomes. That’s why 50,000+ clients choose Diverzify. We’re the nation’s largest provider of critical commercial flooring solutions and serve customers from initial implementation to recurring maintenance. To make your next government project a success, contact us today.