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Diverzify headquarters, which includes seating areas, a white marble floor, and a nice wooden wall with effective lighting

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Is it time to replace your facility's flooring?
Often, facility managers will know when their commercial flooring system needs to be replaced. The signs of a necessary replacement can include visible wear and tear, safety issues, major damage from an unexpected event or simply scheduled end-of-life. Replacement may help you get ahead of wear or safety issues.
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The most durable flooring options for high-traffic areas
High-traffic commercial flooring areas are on another level when it comes to wear and tear. Whether you need a lobby flooring system to impress potential tenants, or simply a material that can meet sanitation standards in sensitive healthcare environments, here are six durable flooring materials worth considering.
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How to set up occupied facility flooring installations for success
While you have plenty to gain from installing a new flooring system, facility downtime and operations disruption can impede your goals. But when completed with the right technology and an experienced contractor, occupied installations can help you update your facility while maintaining maximum efficiency.
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