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Diverzify Acquisition and Strategic Partnership



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Diverzify Acquires ProFloors of Florida and Enters Strategic Partnership with Lane’s Floor Coverings and Interiors

Business Acquisition and Expansion, Organic Growth, and Technology Advancements Spark Transaction of Flooring Industry Leader Mr. David’s Flooring International to Diverzify

May 19, 2020 09:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Diverzify announces the acquisition of ProFloors of Florida and a strategic partnership with Lane’s Floor Coverings and Interiors in New York, bringing the total number of business service locations within the Diverzify enterprise to 21 and adding additional floor installation and maintenance services and capabilities to its portfolio. Diverzify is an innovative modular business structure that consists of an established platform of advanced shared-services that link and power a broad enterprise network of company locations, called Diverzify+, and established market brands that include RD Weis Companies, Floors by Beckers, Certified Flooring, Collaborative Turnkey Solutions (CTS), High Performance Flooring and Professional Athletic Sports Surfaces (PASS) as well as the newly added Lane’s Floor Coverings and Interiors and ProFloors of Florida brands. The Diverzify organization also acquired certain assets and operations of Mr. David’s Flooring International on February 1, 2020.

“Our forward investment in technology, talent, equipment and delivery systems is very positive and signals new potential for the future of this industry.”

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“We are excited to have teamed up with such an incredible, forward thinking organization like Diverzify,” says Randy Weis, CEO of RD Weis Companies. “We are excited to work with them to build out a services platform, which has been a large part of our own differentiation.”

The connection and collaborative structure of resources uniquely equip Diverzify to solve virtually any commercial flooring challenge from start to finish. Starting with the intellectual capital that comes from assembling a team of best-of-class resources, Diverzify brings unparalleled expertise to every aspects of the commercial flooring spectrum. This expertise is matched with a full array of human, technical, and physical resources required to fulfill exacting customer demands.

“Becker’s partnership with Diverzify is founded on key core values and the vision of a new business model for the commercial flooring industry,” said John Becker, president and CEO of Becker’s. “Our forward investment in technology, talent, equipment and delivery systems is very positive and signals new potential for the future of this industry.”

Diverzify is changing the paradigm of the commercial flooring installation and maintenance company. An estimated 134,000 commercial flooring installation businesses in the United States, most small local or regional service providers servicing a limited geographic area, form the standard industry business model. Lacking scale to invest in sophisticated operation technologies and resources, company growth quickly plateaus, and the business focus shifts to maintaining existing operations. Customer businesses seeking more expansive services, either in terms of geographic location, specific service capabilities, or consultative program leadership, must string together multi-provider solutions that are filled with administrative and service performance inconsistencies and gaps.

“The growth and expansion of customer business models created a service gap for our industry,” said Bill Graves, president of sales for Diverzify. “The depth and scale of our resources, both physical and intellectual, puts us in a perfect place to close those gaps for our customers.”

Structured to provide an advanced core of customer-centric business technologies and capabilities matched with a network of experienced and respected service providers across the country, Diverzify brings a new, scalable full-service commercial flooring business model to the industry. The Diverzify customer-focused experience is vastly different from the traditional provider experience, with consistent administration, new levels of customer insight into project performance, and full-spectrum product, labor, and service capabilities. Diverzify brings cost effective planning, construction and long-term maintenance solutions to businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

About Diverzify

Formed largely through the combined assets, operations, and resources of commercial flooring industry leaders, Diverzify is an advanced-model vertically integrated commercial flooring resource to commercial construction and facility management professionals worldwide. Currently represented through U.S. service locations with approximately 1,500 employees and service providers, the Diverzify enterprise blends traditional craftsmen service quality with advanced proprietary technologies to establish a new standard of service for the commercial flooring industry. Diverzify market service brands include Diverzify+, RD Weis Companies, Professional Athletic Sports Surfaces (PASS), Floors by Beckers, Lane’s Floor Coverings, ProFloors of Florida, and Collaborative Turnkey Solutions (CTS).


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