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Diverzify Focuses On Worker Safety, Earns 0.56 EMR Rating For Safest Company In Industry



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Innovative Safety Program Keeps Employees Safer and Delivers Industry Leading Risk Rating

Chicago, IL – November 1, 2021 Diverzify, the innovative national leader in commercial flooring installation and interior services, defied industry convention by including an independent safety department as part of its shared services strategy. Tasked solely with the protection of the company’s most important asset, its team members, the safety department introduced innovative programs and processes that establish a safety culture and consistently achieve industry-leading team safety results. Diverzify team members respond to meaningful action for ongoing worker safety with greater company commitment and improved job performance. Recently, the Diverzify safety program added the new achievement of an industry-leading Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) of 0.56, compared to an industry average EMR of 1.0, lowering the company’s insurance costs more than 40%. While cost savings is not a goal of the Diverzify safety program, the EMR achievement underscores that a successful, executive-endorsed safety program can deliver comprehensive business benefits.

“Our safety program focus, first and foremost, is on changing employee values, beliefs and habits to create and maintain a strong safety culture,” said Jessica Scheurich, director of EMR for Diverzify. “Achieving industry leadership in safety is an extremely gratifying byproduct of our core mission.”

The Diverzify safety program is fiercely focused on worker safety and employs innovative methods to establish an active culture of safety awareness and safe practices. The safety priority starts with executive leaders and strategic resource support but is maintained day-to-day by the Diverzify team. With consistent training sessions delivered at team locations, the Diverzify safety program empowers team members to self-inspect their surroundings and take proactive measures to assure team safety. The program uses leading and lagging safety measurements to guide ongoing training and coaching. The mantra of safety stays top-of-mind with the Diverzify team through prominent messages displayed on tools, personal protection equipment, workplace signs, and in regular communications.

“My personal goal, and the true focus of our safety program, is for every employee to go home safe to their family every day,” said Scott Day, chief operations officer for Diverzify. “This unrelenting focus on worker safety is now driving broader business benefits and industry leadership, including the improvement of our EMR.”

The Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) is a tool used by insurance companies to forecast the level of worker’s comp claims for a business. A higher EMR suggests more claims and, in turn, increases insurance costs. In the construction industry, the average EMR is 1.0. While Diverzify does not use EMR as a safety program measure, achieving an industry-low score of 0.56 demonstrates the company’s success and leadership in safety.

About Diverzify

Formed largely through the combined assets, operations, and resources of commercial flooring industry leaders, Diverzify is an advanced-model vertically integrated commercial flooring resource to commercial construction and facility management professionals worldwide. Currently represented through U.S. service locations with approximately 2,000 employees and service providers, the Diverzify enterprise blends traditional craftsmen service quality with advanced proprietary technologies to establish a new standard of service for the commercial flooring industry. Diverzify market service brands include Diverzify+, RD Weis Companies, Floors by Beckers, Lane’s Floor Coverings, Collaborative Turnkey Solutions (CTS), Kenny Floor Covering, CCS Floors, Kiefer USA, and Select Prefab Solutions (SPS), Epoxy Systems, International, Flooring Solutions, and Pavilion Floors.  For more information about Diverzify, visit