Installing your commercial floors should be easy

Facility managers have expertise in caring for flooring — but not overseeing its construction. With Diverzify, you’ll find a partner who handles total project management for your facility from start to finish.

Medical center lobby with blue shares and check-in counter in background.

Finding better solutions on a tight schedule for a $109 million hospital

The scope of the 161,000-square-foot Design-Build project required Spectra, a leading installer in Diverzify’s brand network, to work in tandem with the GC, architects and fellow subcontractors. This required constant communication, expert coordination and working around challenges as they arose. Most importantly, our team still reviewed all pre-specified flooring materials — and found opportunities for better long-term solutions.

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How to set up your occupied installation for success

Laborer working on carpet tile in a corporate cubicle to demonstrate Diverzify's expertise in occupied installs.

Construction can be distracting in an occupied workspace. But proactive facility managers have tools for protecting worker productivity, even for projects as intrusive as a flooring install. And achieving those goals is easy when you’re armed with the right technology and an experienced flooring contractor.

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4 signs it’s time to update your facility’s flooring

Hospital reception hall with neutral tile flooring and a river stone perimeter between main flooring corridor and windows bank. This image is meant to demonstrate expertise in healthcare flooring.

As your commercial flooring ages, cracking or peeling can pose serious safety risks, and studies show that employee morale dips when workplaces do not appear well-maintained. Here’s how to distinguish between acceptable decline and more serious indicators that an upgrade is due.

Is it time to update your facility's flooring?

The bid you see is the job you get

Hospital cafeteria flooring

Vague bids can leave you scrambling mid-project. With Diverziy, you’re not hiring someone to take care of your flooring — you’re fulfilling your overall project needs. Our detailed bids cover everything you’re worried about and more: from moisture prevention to staging materials at the right place and time.

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Durable flooring for high-traffic zones

A bar/restaurant featuring LVT flooring that looks like hardwood.

All flooring sees wear and tear — but high-traffic areas are next level. Durability is an absolute must for airport terminals, schools, hospitals and restaurants. Here’s a rundown of the six most durable flooring materials based on cost, application and other major considerations.

The most durable commercial flooring options for high-traffic areas

A-to-Z flooring management solutions no matter where you are — or where you’re going

It pays off to work with experienced, well-equipped flooring providers. Support from 15+ brands and 50+ brick-and-mortar locations lets us execute on tight project schedules through our powerful end-to-end logistics network. To get started, fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch soon.