Northwestern University School of Communication

Northwestern University School of Communication’s dark-to-light contrast of designs appeals to all ages


Northwestern University's new, state-of-the-art clinic serves as a center for translational research in communicative disorders due to hearing-related difficulties and provides a supportive learning environment for students who are training to be doctors of audiology.

The 24,000 SF clinic combines speech therapy services with audiology services. Creating long but interesting corridors while simultaneously providing wayfinding for the patients posed a challenge. Therefore, playful, yet conservative finish selections were chosen to create an appropriate design for a wide range of ages. Carpeting with graduating colors from dark to light from one side of the building to the other gave each space a distinctive feel, while still providing a cohesive, seamlessly integrated design.

The new clinic embodies Northwestern University’s vision and goals, doubling as a comfortable space for patients with hearing loss and speech therapy needs, as well as a high-tech facility for researchers in the field.

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