Epic, Building One

Epic’s “intergalactic headquarters” with interiors that inspire commercial creativity including a timeless and durable carpet

An established leader in the development of healthcare software, Epic has planted their company’s “intergalactic headquarters” in the relaxed countryside of Verona, Wisconsin. A consistent objective of the client has been to theme (both abstractly and literally) each building.

The interior environments inspire employee creativity, deliver productivity, and distinguish each building throughout Epic’s rapidly growing corporate campus. Andromeda, the first building constructed, accommodates both employees and customers, and is home of the main reception. The theme is “classic Epic,” a casual yet tailored interior that encompasses a residential quality from the innovative use of finish materials and furnishings, wood-burning fireplaces, and eclectic collection of artwork from regional art fairs.

This project involved replacing the flooring in the main corridors, reception, skybridges (walkways connecting adjacent buildings), and the break and copy rooms. Our primary objective was to reinvent not replicate. It was critical to develop an aesthetically timeless yet durable carpet that preserved the theme and harmoniously merged with the existing interior finishes and adjacent spaces. A custom carpet of appropriate construction and composition was created to satisfy the project requirements. When selecting colors, sensitivity was given to subtractive color behavior and the ratio of colors within the pattern.

The result was a dominant color with a confetti of secondary colors that related to the existing office carpets (16 different solid colors installed randomly). Product height and scale of the pattern were also taken into account. The height profile allowed the avoidance of transition moldings at the office threshold. The pattern detail was able to be turned and seamed, preventing excessive waste.

At the main reception, an organic pattern with custom colors relating to the nearby ceramic tile pleasantly welcomed guests entering the building. The sky bridge carpet visually decreased the overall length of the walk and created a neutral transition between buildings. Break and copy rooms previously carpeted were changed to resilient floors which were both easier to maintain and differentiated from the hallway.

  • Epic’s “intergalactic headquarters” with interiors that inspire commercial creativity including a timeless and durable carpet

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