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Software Development Company 1

A software development company channels its vibrant, imaginative spirit through its corporate campus, using wildly innovative design themes inspired by nature and classic works of art, including Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll, to attract and inspire visitors and staff.

To accommodate growth, a basement storage area needed to be converted to work and meeting areas. How do you attract people to a windowless underground room? Why, in the classic Looking Glass style, simply turn the inside into the outside! The underground area was transformed into an idyllic outdoor greenspace with relevant storybook cues linking the space above. Lighting fixtures deliver outdoor “views” of sunshine, flowers, and lush, rolling meadows to create a warm, welcome ambiance. Interior design incorporates outdoor elements such as foliage, butterflies, and flowers. Full wall graphics extend storybook themes from above to create a cohesive experience.

While maintaining high standards of quality and durability, flooring was tasked with wayfinding, depicting whimsical parkway walking paths, and contributing textures, colors, and design elements that fulfill both outdoor experience and literary relevance.

Through innovative planning and expert installation, flooring fulfilled the highly creative experience and converted a storage area into a popular work and meeting environment.

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