Summit on the Lake


Standing 42 stories above the streets of Chicago, Summit on the Lake’s residential high rise demanded an interior design befitting the heart of downtown. Challenge: Integrate a unique and modern design worthy of the area into a residential building, while maintaining the original purpose of the space.

The solution

This was achieved by accentuating clean, simple lines dominant in modern designs with bold pops of color and textures. The smooth, dark tile around the 9th floor pool highlighted the flower embellished tiles on the walls and added another dimension to the design. The sauna/pool area provided a vibrant turquoise accent in the water feature to further offset the dark tiles. In the business rooms, clean, crisp lines were mirrored in the black and white furniture and finishes that could reflect the sunset at the right time of day.

Elsewhere, bright and eclectic seating created visual points of interest in small meeting spaces. Residents were able to experience all of the comforts and luxuries of home with a new and attractive modern twist.

  • Summit on the Lake, Chicago, IL
  • Summit on the Lake, Chicago, IL

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